Who are we?


155Lori B. Lipten is an international best selling author serving as an Intuitive Medium, Shamanic Practitioner and dynamic Workshop leader with a Masters Degree in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology. She is co-founder of Sacred Soul Retreats.  Click here to visit Lori’s website.

As Founder of the Sacred Soul Academy & Center in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Lori’s Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program empowers individuals from all backgrounds to access their soul’s wisdom and purpose for intuitively empowered and spiritually awakened living.

 Lori has a background as a corporate marketing executive and presenter.  Her professional work focuses on the illumination and integration of soulful living through individual and group intuitive consultations, mentoring; shamanic healing and workshops that inspire and empower adults and children.

She currently serves an international clientele as an intuitive medium, shamanic practitioner and workshop leader.  She was recently  on the cover of the Jewish News (July 2012) with an in depth article discussing her work.  She has conducted spontaneous readings on the radio and within audience gatherings; been interviewed on numerous radio programs and contributed to articles on benefits of Intuitive living for numerous papers and magazines.  She has worked for the Beaumont Parenting Program as a group leader and individual parenting consultant.

Lori Lipten has created 3 Guided Visualization CD’s: Manifesting in the Light; Awakening Your Intuitive Power: Guided Journeying and Shamanic Drumming.



Megan Gunnell is a psychotherapist in private practice with offices in Midtown, Detroit and Grosse Pointe, MI and co-founder of Sacred Soul Retreats.  She blogs atamindfultherapist.org.  Click here to visit Megan’s website.

A licensed clinical social worker with a MSW from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a board certified music therapist with a BA from Michigan State University, Megan specializes in women’s issues and supporting interpersonal transformative work through a practice grounded in mindfulness, intuitive and humanistic based support as well as integrative medicine and the healing arts.

Megan is an advanced level fellow in the Helen Bonny method of guided imagery and music from the Mid-Atlantic Institute.  She has an extensive background working in complimentary therapies for diverse patient populations at medical centers such as the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Bon Secours Hospital and Evanston Northwestern Healthcare.

 Currently, in her private practice work, she uses traditional talk therapy as well as music therapy, mandala techniques, guided imagery and music, dream work, drumming and journaling to help her clients realize and access their greatest potential.  Through individual sessions, workshops and retreats, she also empowers individuals to address life transitions, relationships, communication, deeper self-awareness and inner fulfillment.

From living and working abroad, Megan has developed a deep appreciation for a multicultural worldview and her calm and centered approach aids individuals in freely discovering core strengths and restoring balance.

Megan has produced and recorded three albums:  Doorway to Relaxation, Slumber Baby and Music and Imagery; experiences of relaxation, restoration and healing.


About Freeman Gunnell  (Couples Retreat in Costa Rica)

Freeman is owner and sole proprietor of Cornwall Bakery in Grosse Pointe Park, MI.  He has over 25 years of culinary experience internationally as well as within the United States.  He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Hospitality Management and Business, completed the graduate culinary course at the School for American Chefs in Beringer Vineyards, Napa Valley, California.  In addition, Freeman has completed the Associate degree in Culinary arts and the Pastry and Baking Certificate a Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI.

Internationally, Freeman was awarded the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) pastry award to study at Ecole LeNotre in Paris, France and also studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France.

He has worked under the direction of a number of recognized chefs including; Wolfgang Puck, Spago’s Chicago, Jimmy Schmidt, The Rattlesnake Club, Detroit, Madeleine Kamman, School for American Chefs Beringer Vineyards at Napa Valley, California, and Masha Innocenti, Chef and Instructor, Florence, Italy.

Freeman loves inspiring others through culinary instruction. He knew at a young age that by setting an intention, he would yield great results. He discovered early what it means to manifest his highest destiny and by following his passion for food and his deep desire to create a meaningful relationship, he has both an exceptionally fulfilling career, marriage and family.

Freeman also translates his passion for food into an appreciation for healthier nutrition, alternative fitness and overall wellness. He runs, cycles, skis and enjoys rowing. Recently, he completed his first triathlon and is devoted to living his highest potential and supporting others in achieving this same success.

About Frederick Russ (Couples Retreat in Costa Rica)

Frederick Russ is an entrepreneur and composer for film, television, trailers and video games. As owner of Soaring Music Productions, Frederick has produced scores heard on Fox, CBS, Showtime, HBO, and the Winter Olympics. Most recently, Russ collaborated as composer for the latest Transformers Fall of Cybertron Game whose action score – recorded by a live orchestra – is one most critically celebrated scores in action music history.

In 2004, Frederick created an international on-line community for composers called VI Control Forum. Today it is frequented by some of the biggest names in Hollywood composing circles and by thousands of composers worldwide. In 2005 through the auspices of VI Control, he spearheaded a large 40 member custom sampling team for the creation of a custom orchestral sample library for professional use in film and television.  He was also involved in the internationally acclaimed game franchise Madden 13 NFL and placed trailer music with the new animated feature, “Brave”. Frederick Russ is key innovator in composition and orchestration and is celebrated for his versatility and collaboration in composing projects.

Frederick acknowledges however that manifesting an amazing career parallels an innate dedication and devotion to a lifetime of specific spiritual practice, mindfulness, and utilization of specific elements of the Law of Attraction – a knowledge that can be transferred to others. In 1978, Frederick was introduced to and taught the Seven Steps Light Meditation by Jim Goure. Jim was a brilliant nuclear physicist, mystic and founder of United Research. The Inner Light meditative practices focus on releasing and healing through transformation of the spirit, rewriting attractor fields, and subsequently making way for the magnetization of Light to one’s highest service, dharma and mission. This has become Frederick’s daily practice.

He understands the effective art of invocation to encourage and compel direct divine intercession for profound clearance and deep healing in career, relationships, finances, emotional release and well-being for self as well as for others. Frederick’s intention is to share this knowledge to conscious aspirants willing to improve their life in a major way through reconnection with each one’s Higher Self, therefore establishing a direct connection to life purpose, sacred labor, and your own unique mission in this life.