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Why Retreat?


We live in a demanding world where taking time to truly nourish our mind, body and spirit without interruptions and in a community devoted to supporting this way of being is RARE.  A vacation gives you a break from the norm with fun rolled in.  But a retreat is a break from the norm that is not only fun, but restores the balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual us!

A retreat is a gift to your whole being that allows you to shift from living from obligation into living from truth.  The food, surroundings, workshops, exercise, spa treatments and excursions will enrich you at every level.

So the question I ask now, is why take an ordinary vacation when you can retreat from the insanity of an out of balance world into the true you within a safe, uplifting and empowering community?

Sometimes we need the support of a whole community to feel truly nourished, rejuvenated and uplifted. We need to be in a setting that allows us to move with freedom into mind, body and spirit within the support of a full community.  We discover our soul’s purpose and voice and the methods to bring this into the world in which we live.  We need to know how to be our truest selves in ordinary, everyday life.

What is an Inspired Heart?

We call it living in full presence of your Heart’s Truth!  Your soul’s essence emanates through the inspirations readily felt within the heart.  As you learn to attune, align and allow your heart rhythms to guide you – joy and passion flow.

Inspired means “to guide by divine.”  To live with an Inspired Heart is to be awakened to your spiritual essence and allow that exquisiteness into the motion of your life.  How much more loving and joyful would your life be when you live INSPIRED?

Inspired Heart living is courageous.  We have been trained from early age to ignore the signals of our soul as they pulse through our heart.  We are taught to be practical and fit in.  Many of us find it hard to keep our heart open to life, love, intuition and possibilites.  Our Inspired Heart Life Course will show you how to melt the walls and open to the power and joy of your true  heart’s passion!

Join us in Sedona and start your journey back home to your Inspired Heart!  Click here to learn MORE about the March, 2015 Inspired Heart Life Course and Retreat in Sedona, AZ.




“The raw essence of this place is absolutely captivating.  My heart has opened on an entirely new level.”

“My experience from Lori and Megan’s retreat was remarkable!!  It helped me clear some negatively I was letting into my life.  I have a lightness that i’ve kept with me ever since.  I made some lifetime beautiful friends! It made me fall in love with yoga, surfing and Costa Rica! We ate delicious healthy food, danced the nights away, laughed until our stomachs hurt and cried until we felt better. I will forever hold that week dear in my heart!! I hope to do the couples retreat soon!”


“The teaching, guidance and support was nurturing and delightful. We laughed, we cried, we grew leaps and bounds. The food was stellar and the staff proved to be beyond amazing. It was truly an exquisite retreat.”


“I felt nurtured from the moment I arrived.  My experience was truly transformative.  It’s hard to describe what it feels like to awaken all your senses and be supported by such beauty, wonder and awe in such a glorious paradise!”


“Anamaya Resort is a haven built to support the journey of each soul that’s guided to its grounds. With idealistic views of water and mountains, practicing yoga or just relaxing pool side was the reality of a dream. The food exceeded my expectations with healthy yet flavorful varieties each day and the staff was happy, attentive and kind. Megan and Lori were wonderful leaders and provided a nice balance with the way they taught. The trip was filled with love, lots of laughing, and numerous opportunities for self-reflection and development. The Costa Rica all women’s yoga retreat will forever be one of those bucket list adventures I was blessed to experience; an experience which has left an imprint of lessons I know I will continue to practice.”


“My experience at the Costa Rica Women’s retreat in 2012 led by Megan and Lori was incredible beyond words.  From the very beginning when I arrived I felt welcomed and I had a great sense of warmth and comfort. It was so nice to meet all the other women and hear their stories. By the end of the retreat, I truly felt like every woman there was one of my sisters and still stay in contact with them today!  The experience was healing beyond measure.  The effects of all the work to align mind, body, and spirit there in Costa Rica have lasted.  I reflect on the experience often and use the tools I learned there in every day life.  Overall, I can say with confidence that I have moved forward and grown as a direct result of that retreat experience.  I can’t wait to go back!”


“I was drawn to the amazing Sacred Soul Retreat at Anamaya with Lori and Megan because I felt I could use a relaxing, meditative reprieve from my busy New York life. I didn’t have many expectations other than practicing yoga in paradise. What I was not prepared for is that which continues to give me a sense of peace, gratitude and spiritual communion–the special insights of Megan and Lori, of the other women on the trip, of the staff at Anamaya, and of my own essential self. A week in this environment cracked open a spiritual awakening for me, and I continue to love and learn from this place. My experience was true to the name Sacred Soul Retreat.”


“My experience was transformative and it was the catalyst I was seeking to awaken my inner goddess.  You all played a part in my beautiful Costa Rica journey and I am forever grateful.  I returned with many great pearls of wisdom, which I still use today.  Thank you Megan and Lori for all that you shared with us.”

All Images from 2012 Costa Rica Retreat provided by Ksenija Savic Photography

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